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Insect Chess. On a 12x12 board. All pieces are insect and arachnid representations, with some unique pieces. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2018-03-28 UTC
Themed CVs were further developed by Charles Gilman starting with also biologically inspired Great Herd in 2005.

Praying Mantis is D+A+F+W, only Mastodon replay.  Cockroach is N+W+F. Locust is D+A+Q, a piece-type about Amazon value. Those two Amazon and Locust would be interesting match-up in some Chess Different Armies version of Insect Chess.

Insects. Techies and game geeks in general are relatively unaware for well-educated of the ecological crisis not to say catastrophe under way: Trends.

Forces plan for next year's Chess Championship, Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, and even ten years ahead activity, speculative and problematic that they occur at all. In Tim Bostick's CV Insect, 'Monarch' would be better name and image for royal figure. Tarantula and Black Widow are arthropods but not insects, though can be thought of as "bugs" in rude vernacular.

Short-range. There could be up to a million short-range piece-types that comment claims, and a lot more CVs.