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Favorite Games. Chess variants favorited by our members.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Reiniger wrote on 2018-03-25 UTC

(I've moved this thread under the Favorites page.)

The vast majority of people favorite only a small handful of games; these are the "gold hearts" games for those users.  For more granularity, there's the rating system in the comments, though we've mostly dropped support for that as a recommendation system due to disuse. (edited; see Kevin's next comment)

The more complicated we make the process, the more there is to quibble about specifics of implementation.  I like the Favorites list (mostly) as it stands.  I would consider developing a more complicated system, but would want it to be separate from this page.

A bit of information: at present, here's a table of how many favorites people have:

numfaves COUNT(PersonID)
1 20
2 12
3 8
4 6
5 3
7 5
8 2
9 2
12 4
13 1
15 1
16 1
17 1
18 3
44 1
127 1

The average number of favorites (among those with a positive number) is 7.2.