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Pocket Shogi Copper. A Variant of Shogi with Copper General and Pocket.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2018-01-28 UTC

Hello Greg,

I think I can help here.

To be honest the promoted knight description should be rephared but I know what I'm talking about as me and wdtr2 have already talked about it :)! The Betza notation would be fFfsWbbN. Meaning it can make all the three forward steps and the two sideways steps. It can also jump to the two rearmost orthdox knigth squares. So it is a almost gold general with the back moves modified, or at least that was the point :)!

Indeed the square where the copper general starts is not a pocket square. Personally I think about it as a reserve square, that is used for holding the copper general initially and nothing else. The pockets are permanently in the one player's ownership which it never changes. But I'm not sure if that was your last question.