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Roman Chess ZIP file. Commercial chess variant on 10x10 board with two non-royal kings added.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
V. Reinhart wrote on 2017-10-29 UTC

I have a few questions about this page.

First, does CVP have any connection with Zillions of Games? (other than both are about variant chess).

If there is no connection between the two websites, then what is the purpose of this page?

Is there an interest for CVP to promote Zillions of Games, could it be done more in a general way (like an ad on the home page) rather than at one specific game?

Also, some of the content on this page appears to be obsolete. Visitors such as me may end up wasting their time opening links that don't exist, or link to non-remarkable information.

Should this page be deleted altogether? (especially in light of the fact that Greg did superb work to make a better page for Roman chess).

Also, what does "It is categorized as Orthodox chess" mean? (mentioned on this page).

Thanks for any explanation or insight into the purpose of this page.