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Roman Chess. Commercial chess variant on a 10x10 board with two non-royal kings added.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
V. Reinhart wrote on 2017-10-22 UTC

Thanks Greg, that looks awesome - now it's actually an interesting article!

I believe it's one of the few variants where the inventor made a physical set available (but perhaps not of supurb durability). The board appears to be a printed 10x10 sheet of paper, and the one variant piece appears to be a "pawn" from a chess set of larger pieces. (Thus the archer is pawn-shaped but larger).

To my knowledge, other variant games where the author released a physical set include Capablanca chess, Seirawan chess, and Grand chess.

Does anyone know if ther are many others?

With the ability of modern software to create high-resolution game illustrations, the need for a physical set isn't as important as it was historically. It's interesting to know about the games that were once availabe with a physical set available for OTB play.