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Asteryx Chess. Hexagonal chess played on an asterisk-shaped board. (Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dtj wrote on 2003-06-06 UTC
In the open and unentrenched spirit of chessvariants, here are some
officially sanctioned natural variants for Asteryx which some of you might
find intuitively more appealing and which you might like to experiment
with to see if play is thereby enhanced.... 
Asteryx 1 - the original.
Asteryx 2 - as 1 except that the king can also move one step as a Glinkski
Asteryx 3 - the starting position has queen and king where original
bishops were (queen faces queen, white queen on lefthandside) and there
are now 3 colourbound bishops which start on the central axis, and one
pawn fewer per side. Bishops move as Glinkski bishops, queen moves as
Glinski queen, king moves as in 1.
Asteryx 4 -as 3 except that king can also move one step as a Glinkski