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Golden Age Chess On a Really Big Board. Variant on 16 by 16 board with several different pieces. (16x16, Cells: 256) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2017-10-05 UTC
graphicsDir=/membergraphics/MSelven-chess/ whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b graphicsType=png squareSize=35 darkShade=#8090FF ranks=16 files=16 promoZone=3 promoChoice=QCJOWDABN symmetry=mirror satellite=golden firstRank=1 useMarkers=1 pawn::ifmnW*fmWfceF::a2-p2 nightrider:N:NN::e1,l1 crooked bishop:B:zB:bishop2:c1,n1 skipping rook:W:WDD:rook2:a1,p1 duck:H:GHFD:duck:g1,j1 rose:O:qN:rose:b1,o1 jolly jumper:J:NCZ:gnu:d1,m1 archbishop::::f1,k1 griffon:R:FyafsF::h1 king::KisO6::i1

Golden Age Chess

This variant almost exclusively uses pieces hardly ever seen anywhere else, amongst which the Rose and the Crooked Bishop. I invented the names of some of the other unorthodox pieces myself.