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Lancers Chess. chess with lancer piece, lancers instead of knights.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2017-10-04 UTC

I don't understand why you say the Queen can take the Pawn. This would leave the King in check, wouldn't it?

Note that 'Centennial Chess' features 'Rotating Spearmen', which are somewhat similar to your Lancers. Except that they are unidirectional sliders, rather than hoppers, have a non-capture retreat move, and can only be oriented in 3 directions.

I think your proposed notation sucks. (But I don't consider notation conventions really part of a game.) I don't like it that the direction indication is absolute, i.e. that looking 'forward' is N for white, and S for black. I also don't like it that the separator 'T' is a capital like the direction specification itself. Why not stick to normal SAN, and write the re-orietation as a promotion move (La1=NE)? Strictly speaking it is a promotion move (changing one piece type for another, as a Lancer moving in a different direction is really a different piece type). Or better yet, La1=fr (forward right), reserving capitals for indicating piece types.