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Chessopoly. Board with a hole in the middle where pawns move clockwise. (12x12, Cells: 128) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
gnohmon wrote on Sun, Jun 1, 2003 02:44 AM UTC:
Who can remember so far back?

When I stressed the idea that 'things move clockwise' was an important
new thing, it seems to me that I must alredy have had the idea of Race
Chess in mind, and was probably rushing to finish chessopoly so I could
write up Race Chess before forgetting it.

4x16 Race Chess is a great game, an excellent game. Compared to it,
Chessopoly is clearly inferior, not nearly so elegant. However, Chessopoly
is important as the historical precursor of 4x16 Race Chess.

The asymmetry of the setup was deliberate, and I believe it was a good
choice; although symmetry does not guarantee a draw, (one may not respond
to check with check), asymmetry should be more interesting.

I have no memory of thinking about which side should be where in the
asymmetry, and this means that I probably forgot to think about it in my
rush to 4x16 race chess. It looks like the board setup favors White a bit,
although I'd bet it's not by much.

You'll notice that I repeatedly invoke 4x16 Race Chess as an excuse for
whatever sins I may have committed in Chessopoly. Chessopoly is a game
that should be admired for its clever ideas. 4x16 Race Chess is a game
that should be played.

And, Chessopoly is a clever idea. It is based on a race game, it is not
itself a race game, not like Racing Kings (which I often mention and
always with great praise). However, 'everything moves clockwise' on a
somewhat circular chessboard is one of those revolutionary ideas that are
so simple you sit there and say 'how is it possible that nobody thought
of this before?'.

And, of course, the best game with clockwise movement on a circular
chessboard is, in my opinion -- you guessed it -- 4x16 Race Chess.