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Diagonal pawn chess. Pawns always move diagonally, whether capturing or not.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Joel wrote on Wed, Sep 13, 2017 02:51 AM UTC:

I'd checked if a similar variant was existing already and found that Acolyte Chess, Watchman Chess, Trooper Chess and Yeoman Chess have pawns moving diagonally but have different rules regarding capture. Moreover the pawns are allowed to move sideways too in one of the variants.

Secondly, I tried to play games on this variant myself and found it interesting but I really couldn't find a clear one-sided advantage. My idea was that if a pawn was allowed to move vertically (and capture diagonally) and white could prove no advantage, then there may not be an advantage if the pawns are allowed to move diagonally (mostly because the pawns can move only one square diagonally at a time) I could be wrong too. Afterall I'm not an expert. I just wanted to explore something new.

Anyway I didn't find a similar variant and no variant has a similar pawn promotion rules I believe. But I humbly request the editors to verify my variant all over again.

Thank you.