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Jetan. Large variant from the book The Chessmen of Mars. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Nicolino Will wrote on 2017-08-03 UTC

Just putting this diagram out there. It assumes that the panthan can go diagonally backwards, just as the gryphon can skip the rook move. I also had to make the "escape move" on available on the intial move of the princess. The pieces are white and black like standard chess, but the board is orange and black.

files=10 ranks=10 promoZone=0 maxPromote=0 promoChoice=*J graphicsDir=../membergraphics/MSelven-chess/ whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b graphicsType=png lightShade=#FF9000 darkShade=#707070 symmetry=none panthan:P:FfsW:pawn:b2,c2,d2,e2,f2,g2,h2,i2,,b9,c9,d9,e9,f9,g9,h9,i9 thoat:N:NW:knight:a2,j2,,a9,j9 warrior:R:asWnD:tower:a1,j1,,a10,j10 flier:F:CGF:marshall:d1,g1,,d10,g10 padwar:B:asFnA:bishop2:b1,i1,,b10,i10 dwar:D:aarlW:rook2:c1,h1,,c10,h10 chief:C:aaK:flag:e1,,f10 princess:Q:mWmFmNmAmDmHmCmZmGimU:princess:f1,,e10