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King Battler. King usually moves as a queen.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-05-25 UTC
It is ironic that this piece's inventor was named Modest as the latest
comment by Fergus Duniho is modest indeed. Mr. Duniho has devised many of
his own 'halfway Royal houses' between King and Kingrider. In Fusion
Chess he has a King that can acquire extra moves by merging with Rook OR
Bishop but not both, to become as powerful as Shogi's Dragon pieces. A
King combined with one piece can check an uncombined King, or one combined
with a different piece.
	Even better, in his British Chess, is a Kingrider barred not only from
moving INTO check but also from moving THROUGH check, a sort of extension
of en passant. Like the King Battler it can capture pieces checking it
only if adjacent, and it may also find other escape routes blocked. Again
the biggest difference is in the area known in Xiang Qi circles as
'facing each other bare'. If the path between these pieces is guarded by
both players' other pieces there is no check, if guarded by one player's
other piece(s) only that player's opponent is in check.