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Symmetrical Chess CollectionA game information page
. Collection of several large symmetric chess variants with only line pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joseph Ruhf wrote on 2017-05-04 UTC

True as it doubtless may be, your comment about the minimum amount of material loss which will be decisive in top-level Chess is not really terribly germane to the subject. Nor, in fact, do you yourself seem to think the same of the rarity of checkmate in top-level Chess as you have mentioned it only parenthetically.

More germanely to the subject, this game has no non-royal piece type which has a move set which is not strictly a subset of that of the royal piece. This is a problem because it now requires a two-piece battery merely to give a safe check to this royal piece, to say nothing of what it would require to give a checkmate. On top of this, the proposed royal piece is a Queen, which is already problematic on its own due to how freely any type of line piece may run around the board unless it is restricted from passing through an en prise position, notwithstanding that the proposed board has no horizontal or vertical edge. Thus it is that perpetual flight of the final opposing royal piece should appear to be the only reasonably possible conclusion to play, which is why he had to make it a victory condition to "allow" this to happen.