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Symmetrical Chess CollectionA game information page
. Collection of several large symmetric chess variants with only line pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joseph Ruhf wrote on 2017-04-11 UTCAverage ★★★

Are you talking about victory by "allowing" perpetual flight of the opponent's final Queen? That is not the same as eliminating or subjugating a royal piece, which is the real object of a Chess variant. If it was necessary for that to be ruled a victory condition due to the mix of piece types in play, then the game is not really perfect.

Besides this, when any piece may ultimately ascend to royalty, the paradox is then whether the piece type named as "royal" is "really royal". The problem with naming a game which throws up this paradox as a "Chess variant" is that it then has no real royal piece, and Chess is defined as having a set of piece types which are royal and another set which, and any promotion to royalty must be a privileged promotion open only to certain piece types. Once again, if you were so strict about what the rules were to be like that you made yourself need to do this, then the game is not really perfect.

In summary, the game, although interesting, is not really perfect nor really a Chess variant.