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4D Hexagonal Chess. 4D analogue of Glinski's Hexagonal Chess based on Hyperchess4. (5x(5x(5x5)), Cells: 361) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Kevin Pacey wrote on 2017-03-01 UTC

In spite of my finding at least two possibly interesting setups, a thirty-seven boards 37 hex 2D board 4D Hexagonal variant version of this game seems to be an undesirable goal. In favour, there is the clear Pro that knights would have more scope, allowing for a knight's tour of a single 2D board, when moving on just that board. There seems to be many Cons against though. A diagram for it, say on Game Courier, would have the pieces very small, or else the board taking up more than a whole screen (at least on my laptop), either of which I'd be uncomfortable with as a player (let alone whether a modern CVP editor might find small pieces acceptable). In the setups I've thought of so far, pawns take too long to promote, and/or a king lacks pawn protection on his 2D board in the setup (seems worse than is taken into account for in Hyperchess4). The pieces to empty hexes ratio would also be large (about half as dense as for Hyperchess4 in one setup I'd thought of, one that has a large number of pawns, which seems undesirable in itself) and other than making knights happier I'm asking myself why have such a very huge 4D board. Then there's the time, effort and aches that might go into submitting such a large sized variant. All in all, I think I'm content to rest with the effort I put into 4D Hexagonal Chess, at least for now.