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Kevin Pacey wrote on 2017-02-13 UTC

I read your last post too late Joe, as I'm about to cut & paste a time consuming diagram of my 4D idea (i.e. still just a hexagonal shaped 4D board, with nineteen 2D boards that have 19 hex cells & are hexagonal shaped). I kind of thought you'd still dislike this version of a 4D hexagonal board due to the clumsy knight's 4D board tour issue concerning the 2D boards (hopefully I'm not breaking with a standard & strong convention for 4D variants that I'm unaware of). However, I still felt comfortable enough with it myself as it is, besides my not having to re-think everything, in making a different (and greatly larger) 4D hexagonal board-based game somehow work. It's possibly a good idea to move any further discussion of my shortly-to-be-posted diagram to my diagram testing thread, rather than continue it in the general Hyperchess4 discussion thread, if you wish.