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This item is a piececlopedia entry
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2012-04-01
 Author: Sergey  Sirotkin and Fergus  Duniho. Man. Moves like a Ferz or Wazir -- a nonroyal King (also called the Man).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2017-02-11 UTC

Man/Commoner Sovereign Value is 1: That means King plus Man versus King should win, already mentioned here. Bishop S.V. is 2 regardless exact piece value; one Bishop is insufficent material. Knight S.V. is 3, as Knappen clinches from table reference; two Knights are insufficient material. That in itself on smaller 8x8 makes Man equal or greater than Bishop or Rook.

The development, Queen_One, for Q7, Q6, Q5, Q4, Q3, Q2, and Man as Q1 I am only concerned about being off a bit for the last step Man because the next step would be Q0 or some Null piece. So the last Q1 or Man may be too high at 3.6, instead dampened to 3.4 or 3.3, but ahead of Bishop and Knight on the standard little board.