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Chestria. Each player has 11 randomly selected pieces in this game of placement and flipping. (5x5x3, Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jared McComb wrote on 2003-05-11 UTC
To Peter (sorry for the wait):  Has Jenny played Golden Sun: The Lost Age
yet?  Because in it, you actually play as 'the dark side', except that
it turns out that you're actually the 'light side'.  (Also, rule
clarification:  A player may pass their last turn if and only if their
only move is a special move and they have no pieces on-board.)

To Mr. Kuchinski:  CALM DOWN PLEASE and reread the rules thoroughly. 
Also, go try Triple Triad Gold (find it at or under 'T' if you can't get it at the former) to
see where I'm coming from.  There are no empty spaces at the end of a
game, queens only attack eight spaces, SGs attack five, the most powerful
piece is a Marshall/Cardinal (12 spaces if placed in the center).  Blue
can only have a clear advantage in the endgame if they can get over the
disadvantage of having to place the Fodder, and if Red cannot play a good
enough defense in order to try to nullify Blue's final moves (except for
the special move, of course; if Blue gets a very powerful special, Red
will have to work hard to overcome it).