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New Guy Trying to publish a variant![Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2016-08-13 UTC

While making experiments for my serious chess variants I stumbled on this : In orthodox chess if you augment both knights with orthogonal one step movement (not capture) and give the other player another queen pawn (D5 or D4) you get a balanced game.

How did I get here: I'm trying to compute values of pieces which have different capture and movement abilities (I'm interested especially in the advanced knight in the advanced omega chess, and pao and vao from Eurasian chess). I'd appreciate any ideas on that (Of course I've read all of Ralph Betza's work!).

I've just made an account. Can someone guide me through the process of becoming an inventor (or contributor I'm not clear on the difference), also giving the fact that I'm flat broke for a few months or so.

Thanks for your time, kind reader!