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3D Chess, a Different Way of Looking at It. A scheme for a geometric translation of 2d piece moves into 3d.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-05-05 UTCGood ★★★★
Having looked at this again I have got to grips with your idea. What puit
me off was the use of names. To me and, I suspect, to most people into 3d
Chess, Rook means something confined to the 6 orthogonal directions,
Bishop something confined to the 12 diagonal directions, and Knight a
2:1:0 leaper. Queen may be either Rook+Bishop or Rook+Bishop+Unicorn; I
prefer the former, with Duchess for Rook+Unicorn, Governor for
Bishop+Unicorn, and Empress for all three, along with Emperor for a King
that also moves one square triagonally.
	For your pieces I would suggest names making a clear break with these
linear ones, based on the theme of Plane as a reflection of the scope of
the moves and a pun on a far greater flier than a Rook! Plane itself
cannot be used as it shares the initial of Pawn, but you might reflect the
relative powers of the pieces by calling your first piece a Jetplane and
your second a Biplane, which has the advantage of starting with the first
two letters as Bishop. The combined piece might be called a Hyperplane,
and the ruling piece is the same as my Emperor above. This frees up the
initial K to call your fifth piece a Kite, which rhymes with Knight.