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Dragonchess. A three-dimensional fantasy variant. (12x8x3, Cells: 288) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
cam wrote on 2016-06-07 UTC

Thanks for your reply and info, John Davis! Yes, from what I've found the name is most likely what I can't use. But the rules it seem that they can't be copyrighted: .

So, while not ideal, I'm fine with changing the name. But I would have liked to keep the name of the pieces, like Oliphant or Paladin. The reason I like this game is because it has cool fantasy characters. Dungeons and Dragons fans would have liked that more. If they need to change, I would have to find other fantasy characters names that I could use. I love the idea of air, land and underground for the 3 boards.

Regarding the actual game, I was intending to make it free to play online. The money possible being made from ads, membership or donations. That would allow me to put more time in improving the platform if people would like to play on. Other than that, there will also be server expenses that would need to be covered.