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Macadamia Shogi. Pieces promote on capture to multi-capturing monsters. (13x13, Cells: 169) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2015-03-27 UTC
Oops, you are right! Indeed I had these in an earlier version, but the board filling fraction was then higher than that of Maka Dai Dai Shogi. And it seemed to me that the Leopards were the least essential. At first I also had used the Chinese Cock and Blind Monkey instead of Kirin and Phoenix as representatives for the asymmetric pairs of pieces, but in the end favored the latter, because they have more interesting promotions (to pieces that have range-2 and range-3 moves, in stead of just steps and slides). I will fix the diagram.

And thank you for your appreciation. But I should stress that almost all credit should of course go to the Buddhist monks that designed Maka Dai Dai Shogi in the 15th century.