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Single Comment

Seirawan Chess. Normal rules, except two extra pieces can be introduced: Hawk and Elephant (with zrf).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
M Winther wrote on 2015-01-10 UTC
Spengler, whenever a piece moves from its initial square, the player is
free to insert an extraneous piece, if he so wishes. If he moves all pieces
from their initial squares without introducing any of the extraneous
pieces, then he has forfeited his right to introduce them. 

Castling is a double move, when the king moves from its initial square and
the rook moves from its initial square. So it is essentially the same as
all the other moves, except that here the player has a choice. He can place
an extraneous piece on either the corner square or the king square. I see
no problem in the description of the rules.