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Fugue. Based on Ultima and Rococo this game has pieces that capture in unusual ways. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Carlos Cetina wrote on 2014-10-12 UTC
Swear I'm relaxed.

The Jeremy's last question, "In the current position of the game I cite, can the cannon pawns on e2 and a2 be seen as spotting the piece on c4?", has not been explicitly answered.

The current position cited is this:

The rule should reflect the real situation of an archer trying to hit the target when the victim is located at longer distances and needs help for focusing the shot, hence the role of the spotter.

The following diagram shows how I understand the matter.

Red circles indicate all the possible short range captures.
White circles indicate the possible positions from which the spotter would fulfill its role.
Green circles indicate positions from which any white piece [archer's friendly] would not fulfill the spotting role.

But this is only a personal interpretation and I'm, of course, willing to abide Michael's statement.