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Pawnless vs. Pawnful FIDE. Which side do you think will win? The one with the queen or the one with the pawns?[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeremy Good wrote on 2014-09-18 UTC
Daniil - good questions - different people may want to weigh in on this with ideas. My own suggestions are that yes the pawns from the queenless side can promote into a queen and that the pawn starting on the queen square can advance one two or three squares for its move (that en passant could be exercised against it on the double or triple space move), but that after that initial move, the double (or triple) option is taken away (which might be hard to remember if this pawn opts to move just one square for its first move). I'm happy to see that this game has been fully played out several times now since I posted it here. I'll be interested in reviewing the games...

What does anyone think? Is one side superior? Or are they evenly matched?