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Pocket Polypiece Chess 43. Game with off-board pocket where all pieces of a type change when one piece of a type is moved normally. (7x6, Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Antoine Fourrière wrote on 2003-04-10 UTC
To Michael Nelson:
Thanks for your comments.
1)I agree that the Pawn pocketing variant is poor, not only in regard to
the Pocket hogging issue, which I feel is a double-edged sword when the
hog is a Bishop/Rook, Knight/Alibaba or Falcon/Windmill, but because Pawn
promotion becomes too easy.
2)Indeed, I may be wrong, and Nicholas seems to concur with you, but I
feel that keeping the Pocket for twenty turns forces you to play with an
inferior army for an awful lot of time. (When I used 'grounded' in my
reply to his comment, I only meant 'inactive'.)
3)The time-limit variant looks nevertheless interesting, but I prefer my
modified Cube version.
4)As for 'A piece in the Pocket is affected by flipping, but a move to or
from the Pocket doesn't cause flipping', this leads to synchronicity
when the pocketed piece is back, which I don't like too much.
5)But maybe 'A piece in the Pocket is affected by flipping, a move to the
Pocket flips only the other pieces and a move from the Pocket doesn't
flip anything' would be best of all, because it would give asynchronicity
to the pocketed piece, and in the same time would give a fighting chance
to fend off the threat of a pocketed piece and to recapture the Pocket by
sending there a piece of the same family (although you can already send a
threatened officer into the Pocket).