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Wellisch's Hexagonal Chess. Hexagonal chess for three players.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2012-11-30 UTC
Besides the three Gilman uses to base his system on, also worth a look as to piece-type topography are /play/erf/Hazlewoo.html and /play/erf/Galaches.html. 

Those two differentiate more strikingly from Wellisch, Hazlewood for its pawns and Galachess for its Knight. 

Also HexTony, /play/erf/HexTony.html and 

Monarch, /play/erf/MonarchH.html for the same pawns and knights. Gradually the object is to see the innovation in the AltOrthHex chesses after organizing the field mostly around Gilman's Wellisch and Glinski/McCooey.