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This item is a play-by-email page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2006-07-27
 Author: Jeremy Gabriel Good. Inventor: Eric V. Greenwood. Archabbott Chess. Introduces the Archabbott piece which moves like Bishop + Wazir + Dabbaba.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-06-15 UTC
Laugh, ok, here are some more. 'Operational Chess' by Andy Thomas, January 2006. Piece called 'General', leaps 3 squares away, all directions. Thus, it is a 0,3 and 3,3 leaper, and also can move like the 3,1 Camel and the 3,2 Zebra. 'Scirocco' by Adrian King, 1999, piece called 'Frog'. Leaps as a (0,3) or (3,3) leaper, plus can move 1 square all directions. G.P.Jelliss gives these names and movements. 'Frog' {1,1}+{0,3}, 'Toad' {0,2}+{0,3} and 'Newt' {2,2}+{0,3} Also 'Threeleaper' {0,3}, and 'Tripper' {3,3}. The 'Threeleaper' and 'Tripper' are in my game 'Sky', under those names. You can see the 'frog' {1,1}+{0,3} in 'Presiding Chess' by Tucker Kao, 2003. In 'Quangtrung Chess' by Vu Q, 2002, piece 'Voi' moves like above 'Newt'. Chess with Different Armies has the 'Half-Duck', steps 1 space diagonally, or jumps 2 or 3 orthogonally. 'The Travelers' by Roberto Lavieri, 2006. Piece called 'Trey', has non-capture and capture moves, as follows. Non-capturing: slides 1-3 squares orthogonally or diagonally. Capturing: can leap 3 squares, 0,3 and 3,3, only to capture. In 'Jetan', (Martian Chess) by Edgar Rice Burroughs, piece called 'Flier'. The Flier moves three squares diagonally or in a combination of these diagonal directions. It may jump over intervening pieces. I do not know of a piece that is a pure 0,3 and 3,3 leaper. Not saying there isn't one, with so many chess variants and pieces, just saying i have not seen it, as far as i can recall.