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3D Chess, a Different Way of Looking at It. A scheme for a geometric translation of 2d piece moves into 3d.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Chris Witham wrote on 2003-03-20 UTC
I agree it would be hard to play.  In fact I think I might go nuts if I
tried.  But you comment on the moves available to the queen seems ill
placed; the queen, when on a centersquare can move to 44% of the places on
a normal board (four less than half).  This queen moves to 53% of the
places (15 more than half) when on a centersquare.  There is a 19%
difference (which any scientist would say makes the idea of them being the
same absurd) but all things considered I don't think it's that bad.

As for the knight it is quite different in power, it has changed from
control of 12% of the board to 7% (percent difference equals 52%) and this
is because I worked off of a basic concept of the knight which didn't
give it much power.  I agree it is a weakling.

The one move advantage might be defeated by surrounding the pieces with
pawns rather than using the traditional 8, or more likely could be solved
by having a plane of pawns rather than a line.

I think that the game should be quite playable, although I have not
personally tortured anyone with it.

All and all your points are good, and I tried to make the pieces be like
chess not the game, so that is why it would not play like chess.  It’s
nice to know that people do read it.

By the way, pawns are meant to be obstacles, as I understand it, so had I
given them more movement options it would have changed everything.