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3D Chess, a Different Way of Looking at It. A scheme for a geometric translation of 2d piece moves into 3d.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Nicholas Kuschinski wrote on 2003-03-20 UTC
While a technically correct study of the geometrical tossing of chess moves onto a three dimensional plane, I think this should remain in the 'concept' stage, being more of a mathematical framework than an actual game. I mean . . . would you LOOK at your diagram for the queen? She can move to well over half of the places on the 512 square board! The knight, on the other hand, having a total of 40 moves, is actually an extremely weak, well nigh insignificant, piece. It MIGHT be possible to actually play the game, but it would have little relation, if any, to chess. If you wanted to go through with this, either make the nights more powerful, or get rid of them; and do something to the pawns because all they really are is obstacles and I see no reason to pretend that they aren't. Also, I'm pretty sure that no matter what the initial board arrangement you chose is, white has a one move advantage that will tip the scales dramatically in its favour. I suggest that you change the goal from checkmate into capturing all of the opponent's pieces, for fairness.