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Concise Guide to Chess Variants. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jörg Knappen wrote on 2012-01-26 UTC
Some more piece names. Most of them can be found in the Schwalbe list or on Jerome Grimbert's site

cK - Atlantosaurus 
cQ - Dinosaurus
cB - Brontosaurus
cN - Hippopotamus 
cR - Mammoth

Combinations with a pawn:
p+B - Griff
p+N - Dragon (german: Drache)
p+R - Ship (french: Bateau)
p+L - Lama (L is Camel in Betza notation ...)
p+D - german: Hornochse (literal translation Horned Ox, meanig Blockhead) Maybe we could call it Hornox in english?

Sea pieces:
sea-K - Poseidon
sea-Q - Sirene, Mermaid
sea-B - Nereide
sea-N - french: Hippocampe (sea horse). In fact, a sea-Moo.
sea-N - french: cavalier marine (sea knight) truly hippogonal piece, almost useless on 8x8
sea-R - Triton

Some other pieces:
The Camelrider has a special french name: Mehari
The Taxi is a pawn with an additional backward move, it can go up to 3 steps forward from the first rank.