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Kung Fu Chess. On a 14x10 board, the pieces in this variant are based on Kung Fu martial arts styles of combat. (14x10, Cells: 140) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2012-01-21 UTC

One idea I have, is making a Disciple can only promote to pieces that you have lost and only one of: Monkey, Panther, Crab, Snake, Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Mantis.

I also have idea of single-letters notations for pieces:

  • I = Disciple
  • N = Monkey
  • P = Panther
  • R = Crab
  • S = Snake
  • T = Tiger
  • C = Crane
  • D = Dragon
  • M = Mantis
  • Q = Ng Mui
  • X = Wing Chun
  • L = Bruce Lee
  • Z = Super Wing Chun
  • F = Super Bruce Lee
  • K = Shaolin Master

And then make up a Chinese notation of pieces as well, based on the Chinese kung fu. So that you can even use a flat Chinese pieces but with marks of the name of these pieces in Chinese instead. (I know the game is not Chinese but I still prefer flat pieces for chess variants in general)