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Equihopper. Jumps across a piece in any direction with the same distance before and after the hurdle. Cannot jump additional pieces on strai.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2011-09-19 UTC
'When the equihopper moves along orthogonal or diagonal lines, then the squares before or after the hurdle that are passed by must be empty. This is not necessary for other directions.'
	Is this really correct, even on a board with longest side 9 or more squares? For example, could an Equihopper on a board of 8 ranks by 9 files go from a1 to i9 as long as e3 is occupied? Or would a piece on c2 or g4 block it? I suspect that the latter is the case and what is meant by the sentence quoted is that a piece moving Knightwise from a1 is considered to go straight to b3 or c2 and not go through a2, b1, or b2.