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Falcon Random Chess. Missing description (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝George Duke wrote on Mon, Jun 20, 2011 04:25 PM UTC:
Knight-centralized are named and Bishop-centralized are named in F.R.C. Falcon-centralized names require one or two syllables having 'lk' or 'lc'. The eighteen possibilities having the accepted symmetries are RBNQFFKNBR Skulk Falcon, RNBQFFKBNR Bilk Falcon, BRNQFFKNRB Dulcet Falcon, BNRQFFKRNB Caulk Falcon, NRBQFFKBRN Silken Falcon, NBRQFFKRBN Folk Falcon, RBQNFFNKBR Bulky Falcon, RNQBFFBKNR Elk Falcon, BRQNFFNKRB Ilk Falcon, BNQRFFRKNB Milky Falcon, NRQBFFBKRN Balky Falcon, NBQRFFRKBN Chalky Falcon, RQBNFFNBKR Hulk Falcon, RQNBFFBNKR Stalking Falcon, BQRNFFNRKB Talking Falcon, BQNRFFRNKB Walk-up Falcon, NQRBFFBRKN Sulky Falcon, NQBRFFRBKN Volk Falcon. The 96 line-ups are to defy opening theory. 'c4' might be White's first move in Chalky Falcon in order to start getting defensive Knight out of the corner towards the center and attack King's pawn.