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Xiangqi vs Orthodox Chess. Missing description (9x9, Cells: 77) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Travis Z wrote on 2011-03-18 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
You stated, '1) Which side moves first? Assuming that the Chinese side moves first, he
'1. Cannon {either} - F3! CHECKMATE!'

2) Your rules say that the Chess King cannot be seen by the Chinese
General. Is this
a) only along the forward orthogonal?
b) along all four orthogonals?
c alng all orthogonals and all diagonals?'

First your first point about checkmate is wrong.  Actually study the variant before making a response.  If the cannon takes either knight the other player can simply move the rook and get out of check.  THERE IS NO CHECKMATE POSSIBLE ON THE FIRST MOVE.

As for your second point.  I mentioned how that rule is the same as in regular Chinese Chess.  Read the regular rules first to understand.  The King does not move diagonallys in Chinese Chess.  So option 'C' is gone.  Now as for options 'A' or 'B' the Chinese Chess rules state that there always has to be a piece between Kings, as the King could theortically move as a Chariot or Rook and take the other King.  So by some simple logic that puts it at option 'B'.

Back on the first point.  I do not need to say who moves first.  Play as you like.  I do not have to specify that as it is not necessary to game play.  Would you like me to post you out all sorts of thousands of game plays?

From here on out, I will not even respond to comments which are unfounded or ill thought through.