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Crooked Board Chess. (Updated!) Variant on a board of standard size but odd shape. (8x12, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2011-02-09 UTC
For something different for a change, generate a random Gilman cv.  9.Feb.2011 is 40th day. Under his name Gilman 'A' has 16 cvs, 'B' 12 cvs, and this is the 12th 'C'. No one has commented or ever looked here. Start a Gilman from the piece-type section and then work up and down.  Simplistic here: R,N,B,Q,K,P. The ''super-square'' here is c5-to-f5-to-f8-to-c8. It helps to say so explicitly. Parody of cvs in general, ''91.5 Trillion...'' would just state something like ''Boards with concavities and crookedness are possible,'' and dispense with both Intrusive and Crooked Board.  Different styles. Now this Crooked Board is interesting enough.  Pawns have different lengths to promote, either 5 or else 7 steps. Gilman's move-descriptions can reveal his being non-player in such as ''...pieces moving between supersquares with only a corner in common must pass through a cell....'' That is in the first sentence of the ''Rules'' and it is a substantial off-putter. It is like those indecipherable assembly descriptions that work perfectly by just throwing away the instructions and following the pictures 2-d to 3-d. Seriously just start with piece-type section, and each Gilman tends to fall into place quickly enough. Really Crooked Board has no ambiguities once understood. Crooked Board is below average of Gilman's 250 cvs and slightly above average for all 5000 cvpage cvs, for example, in the worthwhile prior links respecting others'. He should have added Zig Zag chess,, but not now invalidating this sentence. 
Also Romanchenko's,
Detail: 'd6xe7' prohibited?  
There can be a million million of these can't there, crooked alone?