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This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2002-09-23
 By Glenn  Overby II. Beastmaster Chess. Large chess variant with a fantasy theme, emphasizing leaping pieces. (8x11, Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
arrangeCVs wrote on 2011-02-04 UTC
There is a connection, Overby is perfectly knowledgeable of, between Beastmaster and each of the four moralities the very same year 2002. Showing just one of them, the intended link,, here starts precisely with mathematician Omar Khayyam's ''...shapes that come and go,'' and this Beastmaster concludes ''The beasts come and go....'' No coincidence at all, just simple everyday awareness. If only thinking syllogistically, someone misses, oh, 90% of reality. Free association uncovers cvs distant by time/space, and rigour can then test their likenesses, as well as likeliness of mis-appropriation with or without intent. _________________ Categorically, Betza never dealt with any leapers beyond Camel and Zebra. Betza has only 3 or 4 articles that even permit greater than size 8x8 conducive to the Ibis and Flamingo 1,6 and Stork 2,7 p-t set. Of course Beastmaster's longest leap-length is that of Wyvern(1,5 ibis component). Other some long leapers by year 2002 are integrated into Camblan, Bach Dang, Squarcle, Europan, Gannymede, IO, Microorganism, Strange Chess, Typhoon among others. Ramayana is also 2002 with several long leapers. Since those are all familiar, it establishes that longer leapers were very rare indeed before the end of 2002 and fully worthwhile to try again in ximeracak. and Beastmaster 9 years ago. After Betza vanished in 2003 and right after these two concept cvs of Overby, the era of vanity cvs tended to set in and over-proliferation without research become ''whole hog'' -- simply using the ''beastmaster'' image itself undisparagingly. In the same vein to the next degree, for the many, 'Take the bull by the horns' or 'bull in a china shop' become irresponsible metaphor in over-design of chess set-ups no one can possibly track any more. _________________ /// For follow-up, more 'Overby cvs' to study from the bygone classical cv era are how Abecedarian compares to Betza's Buypoint; three-player Orwell to those by authors like Zubrin; and whether Meiriqi was first to blend xiangqi, f.i.d.e. and shogi. Also leading to possible next topic, is that even old Cylindrical Chess pieces can actually be considered as having a long-range leap either (1,6) or (0,6) or (2,7) whenever the mover chances to leave either side file.