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Man and Beast 13: Straight and Crooked Moving. Systematic naming of part-straight and more complex non-straight pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2011-01-18 UTC
Thanks for added information. 
(1) One Rabbit square is (8,7) Deacon  circuitously. I think Stiles' are none of them in a CV yet, unusual for so much attention, well, like Conway's Angels. ProblemThemes threads do have Wolf and Fox a lot, that need to be put in graphics.
(4/5) Experimenting, Sissa is about Queen value. Make a new piece-type out of Sissa without the NN legs, instead only to Rook squares. That Sister is four-path to Rook squares, and stronger than the Rook, 5.5 to 5.0, because there are four pretty good pathways not the one direct one. Now make a Sissy, who like some non-jumping Bach Dang Ship goes in three legs. Say Sissy is five horizontal, one diagonal backwards and four reverse-horizontal to Rook(0,1), and similarly to all the other Rook spots. The Sissy is as weak as a Ferz initially on 8x8 but reaches all the Rook squares.  Then the other extreme, Ramayana Buddha is Queen value again, no quite a bit more, whilst still going exclusively to the same Rook squares.  Rook squares can command from 1.0 to 13.0 value without even considering any Mutator like immobilizing at all. So Multi-path alone as piece-category could warrant as extensive treatment as all 21/22 Man & Beasts, but when they are more catalogued, let's just highlight the most important ones, or list them in order of priority.
(6) Several comments hard to find,,
(7) About ten more Falcons/Bisons are here,, all going to the {(1,3)+(2,3)}, of course only the one being mathematically correct.
(8) Those multi-pathers of Tri-punch are year 2002 as Jetan's are year 1921, showing there is a fuller history of them that would expand ''Multi-path Chess Pieces.''