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Extra Move Chess. Move twice per turn with Extra Move Chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
🕸💡📝Fergus Duniho wrote on 2010-12-30 UTC
I'm currently working on allowing Extra Move Chess to use the mouse for all moves, but I'm having some trouble with Pawn promotion. For safe keeping, here is the sample game I have been playing with it:

1. P e2-e4 
1... p e7-e6; p d7-d5 
2. P e4-e5; B f1-b5 
2... p c7-c6; p f7-f5 
3. P e5-f6; Q d1-h5 
3... p g7-g6; b f8-c5 
4. Q h5-f3; B b5-d3 
4... n g8-f6; n b8-d7 
5. N g1-e2; K e1-g1 
5... b c5-f2; n f6-g4 
6. R f1-f2; P h2-h3 
6... n g4-f2; n d7-e5 
7. Q f3-f2; N e2-f4 
7... n e5-d3; k e8-g8 
8. N f4-d3; Q f2-e2 
8... b c8-d7; pass 
9. N d3-e5; P d2-d4 
9... r f8-f1; q d8-f8 
10. Q e2-f1; N e5-f3 
10... q f8-g7; r a8-f8 
11. B c1-f4; P g2-g3 
11... p g6-g5; b d7-e8 
12. B f4-g5; N b1-d2 
12... p e6-e5; p h7-h6 
13. N f3-e5; B g5-f4 
13... r f8-f4; q g7-g5 
14. Q f1-f4; N d2-e4 
14... q g5-f4; b e8-g6 
15. P g3-f4; N e4-f6 
15... k g8-g7; p a7-a5 
16. N f6-d5; P f4-f5 
16... p c6-d5; b g6-h5 
17. K g1-h2; R a1-g1 
17... k g7-f6; p b7-b5 
18. R g1-g6; N e5-d7 
18... k f6-e7; p b5-b4 
19. R g6-g7; P f5-f6 
19... k e7-d8; p a5-a4 
20. P b2-b3; P c2-c4 
20... p b4-c3; b h5-e8 
21. P b3-b4; P f6-f7 
21... p c3-c2; p a4-a3 
22. P b4-b5; P f7-f8; Q-dest