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Armies of Faith 1: The Dawn of Civilisation. The first in of a series of 3d variants themed on various religions of history. (9x9x3, Cells: 243) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-11-11 UTC
Armies of Faith are different armies throughout the series. ''Different armies'' refers to a class of cvs after the idea of Betza CDA from 1977 to have equal-matched different forces two or more sides. Here are Mesopotanian army and Egyptian army different-forced. There are piece-types common to both, Egypt-specific pieces, and Mesopotamia-specific pieces. The intention would be for the total values about equal Egypt, Mesopotamia. Only the four stay the same in the later time-line also of Armies Faith including the stops after this ''Dawn of Civilisation'': Rook, King, Knight, Pawn. There is not exact correspondence to the 2^6 chess(es) out of India still played because the Faith cvs are 3-D, and there was hardly 3-D to speak of in the real world before 100-year-old Raumschach.