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It was last modified on: 2010-08-23
 By Claudio Martins  Jaguaribe. Mega Doom Chess Project. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-09-02 UTC
'Captures as gold, moves as silver; Captures as silver, moves as gold;' My Silversteward and Goldsteward follow these patterns, and their riders add the suffix -ess.

'Are reverse gold and silver (and their divergent versions) worth?' The reversed pieces I term Goldcoward and Silvercoward. I don't think I've covered divergent ones yet.

'Capture as dragon king moves as dragon horse; Moves as dragon king, captures as dragon horse; Forward-only versions of dragon and divergent dragon pieces.' Now these I haven't covered yet. I have similar pieces with the augmentation to the Bishop being by a Dabbaba move - Pawned Chatelaine, Yeomanned Inquisitor - but not by a Wazir one. When I devised simpler names for the dragon pieces - Chatelaine and Primate - I did so with extrapolation in mind, to forward-only as well as to 3d, so I termed the FO versions Caryatid and Abbot. As the Goldsteward and Silversteard Pawn one move and Yeoman the other, I suppose I should also think of Chatelaine/Primate and Caryatid/Abbot divergent pieces. Likewise in 3d Vicereine/Besieger, Virago/Ram, Moderator/Heretic, Elder/Xorn, Baroness/Regent, Heiress/Commissioner, Diarch/Usurper, Presumptive/Assassin, Dowager/Pope, and Devotee/Nuncio ones.