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Keeps and Moats Chess: A four-player chess variant A game information page
. A four player chess variant.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Matt Worden wrote on 2003-02-15 UTC
Thanks for the feedback, Tim ... you make very accurate points. ;-)

>>I saw the AI sacrifice it's queen without getting one in 

There still remains a rare case where the AI will do that, but I can't
seem to pin-point under what conditions it is.  I've gone over the code a
couple dozen times and cannot find where it should logically come to that
choice, but I've seen it do that too.

>>Also, because of the shape of the board, bishop plus king
>>can capture a king(rook plus king would only stalemate if 
>>the checkmate rule wasn't abolished in favour of the 
>>capture king rule).

Exactly ... once your bishops/queen are gone the end-game can become a
bore (which is why the 'Lack of Materials Rule' was created).

>>Promotion also seems very hard(although the idea used was nice)

It's easier to get your near-side Pawns into the Keep of a neighboring
enemy ... especially if he/she has other things to worry about.  But it's
not very easy overall.  Pawns generally become defensive pieces only. 

>>and knights have reduced value as they can't reach most
>> of the board in a few turns, unlike all the sliding pieces.

True.  They too are primarily used to keep the homefront safe.  Even my
'quick opening bishop killer' move takes 4 moves using a Knight ...

>>Its a pretty good variant, I'll tell you that.

I truly appreciate your comments.  Please send me your e-mail address if
you'd like your free fully-registered version of the game. :-D