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Honorable Horse. Moves forward as a Knight.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Anonymous wrote on Fri, May 7, 2010 07:09 AM UTC:
I think, modern bishop is still called 'elephant' not only in Russia, but
in some other countries probably too (i am not sure, but i know that modern
queen is also ferz in several countries), and it's another argument that
Ko shogi is made with influence of European chess, i suppose (names of
Japanese and Chinese bishops (Angle mover if it's based on Shogi or
officer if it's based on Xiang-qi (7 players Xiang-qi variant)) means
anything, but not elephant, there are other pieces, called 'elephant').
Heavenly horse can be seen as piece, wich moves as honourable horse, but in
any direction (imigine that you don't know about western knight. How
you'll describe piece, wich 'moves as h.h., but in any direction now?).
In first comment i was talking not about it. Isn't it amazing, that among
hundreds, hundreds ofpieces in Shogi variants, there is only one piece,
wich is based honourable horse? Why there is no any compound piece, wich is
compound of honourable or heavenly horse with something (for example,
vertical mover+honourable horse) or piece, wich makes some kind of h.h's
leap (for example, moves as camel, but only in forwardmost directins)? In
Xiang-qi variants there such variant of Chinese knight (for example,
banner/fire/wind in game of three kindoms to normal Chinese knight is as
Tamerlane camel to western knight, cavalry in 7 players XQ and Korean
elephant are also such variants; there are one compound too: Yitong is
rook+chinese knight+cannon, but i am not sure if it made without influence
of western compound pieces). I think, it's strange...