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Anemic Chess. A more anemic version of Chess that replaces riders with weaker short-range pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joe Joyce wrote on 2010-03-10 UTC
Claudio, you can edit the page and change it yourself. Go to the rules page, and right underneath the Notes section, you'll see this:
'This 'user submitted' page is a collaboration between the posting user and the Chess Variant Pages. Registered contributors to the Chess Variant Pages have the ability to post their own works, subject to review by the Chess Variant Pages Editorial Staff.
If you are the author of this page, your may edit index information or edit the contents of this page. You may also, if your page uses graphics, upload files. Submit this game to be available for rating!'

Click where it says 'edit the contents', and you can get into your rules page to change rules, add notes or graphics, whatever. Just make sure to complete the page and send it to show the changes.