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This item is an article on pieces
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2001-09-05
 Author: Ivan  Derzhanski. Who is Who on Eight by Eight. A compilation of Zillions-estimated piece values on an 8x8 board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-02-05 UTC
This is a great 9-year-old list with faults. Derzhanski felt compelled, out of courtesy to C.V.Page, to use modified Betza notation. Nobody is going to coalesce around opaque Betza notation, which takes moments longer to interpret than the one or few regular sentences to describe the same phenomenon. Jeliss has 200 piece-types in ''All the King's Men,'' and Derzhanski deliberately happens to have 200, the two lists having less than 1/2 overlap. Truelove's summary of Pritchard has about 800 piece-types, but signals multiple uses when relevant in different CVs, meaning more like 2000 Truelove-Pritchard piece-types in context of working CVs. I happen to like Truelove's because of having become familiar with the 'ECV' CVs. As in problemists' journal Die Schwalbe, vibrant German CV community always seems to have been co-equal with the British 1900-1990, and presumably duplicative overlap may never have fully achieved 50%. I previously estimated Gilman's number of piece-types in Man&BeastsXX, 2007 to present, as 2000. I imagine Gilman may set on a course to incorporate many other, new recognizable as well as obscure piece-types from Gruber into Man&BeastsXX over ensuing years. Derzhanski's spacing makes it the easiest list to use, just for the names, so far as it goes. Yet Derzhanski's here is not without uninterpretables and not without many errors. Error, for example: Quang Trung SkiRook must mean Rook^Dabbabah not ''D^R,'' and either or both would be only to capture. And undeciperable: Scirocco ''Camel plus'' could mean more power to the piece or to the promotee than or other than plain Camel. The reviewer has to go to Scirocco anyway to find out what gives. Many of these markings are plain and simply Derzhanski's personal notes.