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Trebuqi. Hex variant using pieces selected for their similarity to Xiang Qi ones. (11x11, Cells: 91) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-12-30 UTC
George Duke writes: 'Now respecting hexagons, I like squares and cubes exclusively -- and tetrahedral 3-d spaces. No triangles, no hexagons.'
	Well Tetrahedral Chess has neither no triangles nor no hexagons. Look at any of the faces. They are all triangles. Now look how the Rook moves along those faces - in any of six directions at 60° to each other. Yes, the faces are hex boards, as clearly as those of cubic variants are square-cell ones.
	Now look at a cubic board. Let's say the corthogopnals are 1-8, a-h, and s-z. Look how Bishops move within the plane comprising sa1, sb2, sv3, sd4, se5, sf6, sg7, sh8, ta2, tb3, tc4, td5, te6, tg7, th8, ua3, ub4, uc5, ud6, ue7, uf8, va4, vb5, vc6, vd7, ve8, wa5, wb6, wc7, wd8, xa6, xb7, xc8, ya7, yb8, za8. Yes, it's exactly how a Rook moves on a triangle of hex cells!