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Lemniscate Chess. Chess played on a Lemniscate board (in the shape of an infinity symbol). (18x4, Cells: 72) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Cannon wrote on 2009-12-27 UTC
Thank you Charles, for explaining the movement of your Red and Green Pawns.

The question you have just asked turned out to be my single most difficult programming problem when writing the Zillions file. I solved the problem by dividing the Pawns into four 'classes', depending on what quadrant of the board they originate from. White has 'southwest' and 'northwest' pawns; Black has 'southeast' and 'northeast' pawns.

If a Pawn makes a capture, and in doing so, ends up back in its own territory in the way you described, it simply turns around. A southwest pawn thereby converts to a northwest pawn, and thereafter behaves as such.

Thanks for raising the issue as it is not merely hypothetical - in playtesting with Zillions, I found that it really happens!

Cheers, David.