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Once More, with Deans. Subvariants of River-with-university-and-cathedral series with extra piece type.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-10-31 UTC
No, the Dean has no single-step move. This is why it is colourbound. It moves at least two staps diagonally or exactly two orthogonally. The piece that moves at least two orthogonally or exactly two diagonally I term the Mansion, and its own cubic extrapolations are the Outpost and Estate. The Outpost can also exist as a hex piece.

Now that I think about it I haven't devised names for pieces moving at least two staps along one kind of radial and at most two along another, but I can see that they are interesting pieces. Pieces that could be seen as Mansion+Ferz and Dean+Wazir are intermediate between the Mansion and Dean and corresponnding enhancements of full linepieces such as the Infanta and Inquisitor - whicvh could be seen as Mansion+Wazir and Dean+Ferz. If this inspires any ideas for names I would be interested to hear them.