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ArimaaA game information page
. Uses same equipment as Chess, but designed to be difficult for computers.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Larry Smith wrote on 2009-05-09 UTC
I reviewed this game for Abstract Games Magazine, and helped optimize the Zillions implementation. [I recently downloaded the implementation from the game's site and it throws an error message about being unable to render 'board.bmp'(not my creation ;-)). I simply screen-captured the image in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and replaced the original bitmap. I'm sending this correction now.]

I love this game. It's simple and complex. It does resist computer quantification. In fact, its developer has a challenge, which includes a financial reward, to any programmer who can code a program that will play this game well enough to defeat three human opponents(see site for details).

There are also several academic papers at the site about Arimaa and computer programming. This should give the interested a serious heads-up about the task.

I'm sure that it will eventually be quantified. It will be interesting if it occurs before 2020.