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Ninety-one and a Half Trillion Falcon Chess Variants. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
📝George Duke wrote on 2009-05-08 UTC
Here are a core 91.5 Trillion CVs 3 years ago. Comments below extend them to Billions of 91.5 Trillion and beyond. I would not fob any one off on others, or for preset, or advertisement without incredible winnowing, sifting and sorting of the inner core to 50 or 100, counting FRC array-mixing. I may need to get going on the play itself, because we left off at CVs equal number of atoms (not too afield really from elementary particles) out from and including Sol to Jupiter. We discovered serendipitously somewhere between Earth and Jupiter is the ''halfway point'' -- I can't think of a better name but suspect there is one --in powers of ten, from one quark to number of atoms in Universe(we're just talking about 10^40 and 10^80); and we only need about fifty more Mutators to reach # atoms absolutely everywhere, in combinations for CVs, stipulating not exceeding ever 32 Mutators per artistic item. Betza's Nemeroth and Short's Schizophrenic are examples rational and comprehensible employing fully 32, 36 Mutators interpretably. My personal favourites? Why, Northern Exposure and KICK THE CAN and The Sea Is Rough and Hot Potato and Sinkhole and Strong Acid-Base, to name a few.